How SLC Works

Basic Info

Simply Liturgical Composers (SLC) is a tool to help you self-publish your music through its parent website, Simply Liturgical Music (SLM). This tool includes a plethora of information and resources to help you understand the publishing world and how to properly prepare your  music for publication. It also works on your behalf to obtain copyright permissions from liturgical text copyright holders such as ICELCCD, and the USCCB. Other important details include:

  • You earn 30% royalties
  • You retain 100% rights to your music (you are “self-publishing”… with our help)
  • This tool is non-exclusive (you can sell your compositions elsewhere as well)

Detailed Responsibility

Responsibilities of the Composer

  • Create quality music that is Liturgically, Theologically, and Pastorally sound.
  • Seek out critical reviews from fellow composers (see Composer Review).
  • Engrave all music to be “print ready” in PDF format (see PDF 101).
  • Create and engrave an assembly PDF (see Assembly PDF).
  • [Optional] Create an MP3 recording of the composition (see MP3’s 101).  
  • *Obtain copyright permissions for any NON-LITURGICAL text or music that is not an original creation (see Copyrights 101, Liturgical Texts, & Original Texts)  

*SLC will assist with obtaining copyright permissions for the use of any Liturgical texts – see Liturgical Texts..

What SLC will do for you

  • Provide a plethora of resources to help you prepare your composition for submission:
  • Professionally review your music and text before approving your composition for distribution on the SLM site.
  • *Assist with obtaining copyright permissions for the use of Liturgical texts in your music (see Liturgical Texts).
  • **Add your music to SL’s ONE LICENSE account (see ONE LICENSE).
  • Provide an innovative website platform ( to sell your music.
  • Provide marketing of SLM’s platform which will lead perspective customers to your music.
  • Provide a user agreement that is just and fair for all parties involved (see Terms and Conditions)
  • And much more!
*Composer may choose to do this for the benefit of selling their music outside of the SLM site.
**Composer may choose to do this for the benefit of receiving 100% royalties from reprint permissions.