PDFs 101

All music submitted to SLC must be in PDF format (if you need help digitizing your music from paper to PDF, the visit our page about Music Notation Software). When submitting, you should include:

  • All Musician’s PDF’s (Octavo, Piano, SATB, etc)
  • An Assembly PDF (to learn more about creating this, go to our Assembly PDF page)

General PDF Guidelines

You are the publisher, so SLC  will not manipulate your PDF in any way. Your PDF’s will go to our customers “as is.” Therefore, it is your job to make sure that:

  • all formatting is clean
  • the notes and text are 100% correct
  • copyrights are 100% accurate and comprehensive

We highly recommend that all pages in a PDF have the same layout, either landscape or portrait. All PDFs uploaded should:

  • Include a Copyright Notice at the bottom of the first page of music.
  • Be sized for easy home printing.  8.5 x 11 or A4 are most common.
  • Be formatted as portrait or landscape.
  • Be free of password protection or any kind of encryption.

You can submit and sell your score and parts in two ways:

  • Separate PDF’s of all parts 
  • One single PDF which contains all the parts