One License

Simply Liturgical (SL) is a “Member-Publisher” of ONE LICENSE. Having your compositions added to ONE LICENSE database is part of what you receive from SLC (you, as composer, receive 30% of all royalties received through copy-reporting). However, as a self-publishing composer, could also become a Member-Publisher who upkeeps a database on their website (and you would receive 100% or all royalties received through copy-reporting). Just contact Brenna C. Cronin to get started.

In order for parishes/communities to display music in any way, shape, or form to their congregants, they must pay a licensing fee to whatever licensing company that music’s composer/publisher is affiliated. 
ONE LICENSE is a licensing company that grants copyright permission of congregational music (text and melody only) for most main-line Catholic publishing companies, including OCP, GIA, WLP, and… SLM (since we are a Member Publisher).

​On their website, they say that “
ONE LICENSE is the most comprehensive way to acquire reprint permissions from multiple publishers at the same time.”​ They use online reporting to inform us, a Member Publisher, of the titles you have reprinted for your congregations. At the end of the year, they pay us our allotted portion of reprint-permission royalties.

For more information, visit the ONE LICENSE “How it Works” page.