Arrangement of Public Domain Work

While there is no definitive collection of all works that are in the public domain, CCLI offers a reliable Public Domain Search Page. You can use this to fine out if a composition in question is in the Public Domain.

Here are a few other tips on music in the public domain:

  • If a work was written in 1923 or later in the United States, it is most likely NOT in the public domain.

  • If you’re looking to arrange a work that was composed outside the U.S, it can get trickier as other countries may have their own copyright laws and dates that differ from the United States.

  • is a great source for public domain information in the United States and for researching public domain materials.  

​Before you do any arranging, we recommend researching the musical work in question to confirm if it is in the public domain. If you are unable to confirm its public domain status, or if you have doubts, always get permission before using the work in your own arrangement.

​To learn more about acknowledging a copyright in your music, please visit our Copyright Notice page.

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